Chris Kalani

San Francisco

  1. 12 Sep 2014

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    Ruby Anaya, the Champagne of Friends (photo by @bwalkin)

    10 Sep 2014

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    Wake press photo by Anne Valeur

    21 Aug 2014

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    Today I’m excited to announce what I’ve been working on for the past year since leaving Facebook. But before I do, a quick history lesson:

    A little over 4 years ago my buddy Tim and I were working on an app called Ploject. The idea was simple; share work and inspiration with your team. The previous year we had built an invite-only community called Yay!Everyday where designers, photographers and artists would share their own work along with whatever inspired them. It grew into a really great community and we loved the culture it fostered. At that time we had over half a million unique visitors and around 2 million page views per month. Ploject was our attempt to bring the Yay Everyday sharing culture into companies.

    We ended up abandoning the project in 2011, after I moved to San Francisco to work at Facebook. I promised myself that whenever I ended up leaving the company—I would continue with my mission to build a place for designers to share work and ideas with their team.

    I got to witness firsthand what an app like this could do for a team of designers at Facebook. Pixelcloud (Originally built by Alexandre Roche) helped our team stay in sync as we grew from 15 designers to over 100.

    I’ve spent the past 10 months (half of which in Oslo) working closely with my friends at Bakken & Bæck to develop something super useful.

    Together, we’ve built the best way to share visual work with your team. It’s called Wake. It’s simple, fast and will help all of us build better products by allowing ideas to be shared faster and more often. With Wake, you’ll know what everyone is working on without having to peek over each other’s shoulder. And you can browse through past work and explorations without having to dig through Dropbox folders or PSD’s.

    We believe that a lot of valuable work happens in between reviews and that access to the creative consciousness of your team will lead to more innovative design solutions.

    We’re going to be putting together a team in San Francisco to continue building new ways for teams to share. Currently we’re testing Wake with a handful of great companies in order to get things ready for launch.

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    18 Aug 2014

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    We have a pool on the roof

    7 Aug 2014

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    7 Aug 2014

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    My place for the next two weeks in Olso

    2 Aug 2014